Receive email notifications and make precise decisions,
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Are you worried about the condition of your crops when you don't keep an eye on them?

Based on satellite images, the RSP alert helps farmers make the right decisions


Quick identification of changes in the fields

RSP alert allows you to monitor changes taking place in crops and determines their condition and stress using satellite imaging technology. Field condition changes may be caused, among others, by:

  • The pressure of weed pathogens
  • Fungal diseases or pests
  • Hunting damage
  • Inadequate fertilization
  • They are drought during the growing season
EN NDVI post 0 - 1

Do you want to save time identifying the most "problematic" fields?

The RSP alert conveniently shows changes in the vegetation index since the previous satellite image.
Thanks to this, you will always know which fields are most at risk and require your attention.

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Always stay up-to-date by monitoring your crops with reports

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Identify areas for intervention so you can go to them right away and investigate the cause

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Take action

Reduce crop loss by finding and solving problems sooner

Easy and convenient

Hassle free reporting

RSP alert is the easiest-to-use solution available on the market. All you have to do is show us your crops and we will take care of the reporting.

RSP alert in 3 steps EN

Take advantage of our technology and stay up to date with the condition of your crops

If you want to have better control over your crops and thus save time and increase your yields, write to us. We will contact you and discuss the appropriate form of cooperation for you.